Redneck mailbox

Where to start? I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for so long, I don’t know where to pick up. How about a funny photo? This one’s especially for Tami, lover of odd mailboxes and faithful to nudge me when I’ve been gone too long. I have a couple new shots for you, Tami.

First, behold what I call the Mailboxer in front of All Tails ‘R’ Waggin’. No, this isn’t the redneck mailbox – you’ll see that in a moment. Since this photo was taken, the mailbox has had a run-in with either a car or a snowplow and the fella’s missing his head. I’m glad I stopped on my way home from work and took the picture when I did. If he’s repaired, great; if not, this can serve as his memorial. I loved the guy.

Their site is great, by the way. I need to stop by some time on my way home, just to get acquainted with another pet-crazy person. As soon as I publish this entry, I think I’ll drop them a line.

Second is probably the best/worst mailbox treatment I’ve seen to date. The bent post to its right likely testifies to a car-mailbox accident. The owner’s choice of a wooden step ladder and concrete blocks as his media of choice is, well, original. I’ve not done any more than a casual drive-by shooting of the redneck mailbox, so I’m not sure if the tape on the mailbox itself holds it in place or is merely reflective tape. From the “D” tag, we can see he subscribes to The Columbus Dispatch. The owner is brilliant in the execution, even if it isn’t the most aesthetic treatment. If someone eastbound hits it, his windshield will shatter from the force of concrete slamming through it; if he comes from the other direction, the bent post will harpoon his radiator. Either scenario is bound to be ugly. Kudos to the redneck architect, whoever he is!

When I was growing up, we lived on a street which dead-ended into a large high school’s parking lot. Our street was the scene of lunchtime drag racing until the school (or the city) put a gate up at the end. My father had trouble with high school kids knocking down his mailbox. His solution – and I so wish I did have a photo – was to put several large, granite boulders around its base. He didn’t stop there, however. He also painted the rocks florescent orange. Fortunately, this was after he and my mother divorced, so I didn’t live there by then!

2 thoughts on “Redneck mailbox

  1. First, let me say Welcome Back! You have been gone far too long. I have wondered how both you and Howie are doing with your jobs. I also wondered if any flowers were popping up your way.

    I love the dog mailbox, but I don’t know what to make of the other one. I guess bizarre would be the best word to describe it! I would do something cool with my own mailbox, but I don’t trust the teenagers who run the streets. You know the ones, they leave trash and their parents are never anywhere in sight!

  2. Welcome back!

    Unfortunately I can’t play with my mailbox (Condo) but I was just enjoying your anniversary pics – Looks like you had a GREAT Time!

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