Really Crunch Time

I am taking a breather here. With the exception of stuff that’s out because it belongs in other rooms of the house, the office is really clean. O Heaven! O sweet rapture! The vacuum is defnitely on its last life, though. O phoey! There was a loud buzzing noise coming from the rotary brush, and I noticed there were pretty normal-size pieces of cat fuzz still on the carpet after I’d made several passes. Closer inspection showed me that (1) the plastic housing of the vacuum is very loose and (2) there was a stray bracket banging around above the brush, and this loose bracket was keeping the brush from spinning. Presumably, this bracket normally sits above the brush and guides it…But no more. It’s sitting on the footstool now, and the vacuum seems to be running okay without it. At least for now. ::sigh:: I hate unexpected expenses.

One the other hand, I love getting a new gadget, even if it is a vacuum cleaner. Maybe I’ll be more motivated to clean, right, Naomi? 😉 I am going to get a bagless one, maybe the new Eureka they advertise with the little dust wand that has its own nifty de-dusting tube on the vacuum. I’ll have to scout around Epinions and see which vacuums have the best ratings. By the way, I saw on Eureka’s site that they have a new Pet Stain and Odor Remover…It says it’s non-enzyme based, so I wonder just how effective it could be on odors, really.

Well, break’s up. I’m sure this is thrilling reading for you all. I just didn’t want to start surfing the forums at Dave’s Garden or checking my e-mail or I’d never get back to work!

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