Real Guts

Jacqueline Saburido has a lot more intestinal fortitude than those who are afraid of looking like wusses if they don’t grab their keys, stagger to their cars and drive their sorry asses home. I think this speaks for itself, but I’ll still say it: Yo – Don’t drink and drive, ever. This could be one of the folks in the car you plow into because your reflexes are just a little too slow. It could be your wife, or your husband. It could be your mother. It could be your child. Or you know what else? This could be you.

God bless you, Jacqui, and thank you. You are a woman of exceptional courage and I wish all the best to you.

One thought on “Real Guts

  1. How is she doin? Will she ever be able to do the things she did before? How old is she? How did she survive? GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!

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