Reading the rules

Reading the rules
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Howie tries to absorb the rules to Mexican train dominoes Tuesday evening at Caribou. We were playing dominoes with his mom (pictured), his sister Gwen, his brother Greg, and our friend Ivana.

Whoever wrote those instructions really needs to learn about the importance of white space in breaking down a wall o’ words! These things were downright painful to read!

3 thoughts on “Reading the rules

  1. Where did you get the dominoes? We got a tin of them (we have the 0-12 spot set) and it includes the Train setup as well as very clear and easy to read instructions. Perhaps it’s just the version or the manufacturer that’s mucked it up. Did you ever figure out how to play the game? If you want, I could maybe copy our rules and send them to you (if I can find them) if you still need them.

  2. We got the set at Big Lots, and who knows where the instructions are. We did figure out a version of Train. Howie said thanks, but he thinks he can find a better site than the one he downloaded that particular set from. LOL! We’ll remember your offer, though!

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