There’s a gentle rain falling and the birds are sheltered in the trees, but still singing and chattering despite the showers. I. Don’t. Feel. Like. Doing. Anything.

One robin is especially vocal this afternoon. A couple of bluejays are chortling back and forth. The finches aren’t at our feeder right now, but I can hear them out there, waiting for a break in the rain. A hummingbird’s darting around the hummingbird feeder as I write this; she’s not daunted by the rain because her fast metabolism demands diligence in feeding.

This is such a perfect curl-up-and-read-day. Not to mention a wonderful afternoon for a nap.


But life calls. I have some housework I must do, some old family photos to finish editing for a friend, and clothing auctions to prepare and list on eBay. That’s the list for today, along with a few odd loads of laundry.

Hold me to it, world.

Update 5/19, 8:00pm –
I have a some clothes washed and in the dryer, and the bedroom is clean. The bedspread’s going in the washer as soon as the dogs’ cushion and bedding finishes up (boy those things can sure compress and get hard – poor, poor dogs).

Update 5/21, 3:15am – Got ‘er done and then some. And Howie brought me roses and a card home, just to thank me for sticking to the cleaning this last three weeks. It really IS a milestone, sad to say!

One thought on “Raining

  1. housework SO does not come naturally to me! Have you tried a routine? I focus on a room a day (monday-kitchen/ DR; Tuesday-living romm, etc) and that HAS helped. it’s still a struggle though!

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