Raining cats and dogs

Puddle Duck
Originally uploaded by The Pack

This great shot brought to mind that classic joke…
“Man, it’s raining cats and dogs today!”
“I know! I just stepped in a poodle!”

Check out the rest of Karen’s excellent photos of The Pack, head on over to her Flickr photostream. I am so impressed with her photographic eye as well as with her gorgeous standard poodles. I’d love one of those big dogs.

Have I mentioned lately how much I like love Flickr? I heart Flickr sooo much. I never thought I’d want to pay for photo hosting, but Flickr’s interface is amazing and it’s such a rockin’ and fun photographic community! They make it so easy to post to their site and to post their content to other sites. It’s just the best.

2 thoughts on “Raining cats and dogs

  1. I enjoy looking through photos on Flickr, but because I create my own photo galleries and have the space on my website and computer, I like keeping them in my own area.
    I have found very few people in my area that use Flickr … or they are not calling attention to their photos by having the city in the title! I would like to see more photos from people I know.

  2. I love Flickr’s interface as well. And I have such a hard time convincing people how superior it is to PBase (the most archaic system ever). Sigh.

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