6 thoughts on “Quizno’s again

  1. LOL too funny. I hope you get a response from them. I’ve been fairly successfuly in getting responses to my complaints to other restaurants in the past.

  2. Hopefully they will send you a bunch of coupons. My roommate writes letters and gets coupons all the time. 🙂

  3. Blagh no coupons? LOL Poo on them!

    How are things on your end girl? Kinda quiet over here in the garden! Must be chillin’ with some iced tea and listening to the birds.. sure has been some nice weather for it. Hugs ~ hope all is well!

  4. I did the same thing.. I wrote Quiznos asking for 2 things – allergy info (also not on their website or in any brochure at the restuarant) and asked for calorie/fat/etc info on their subs. I’ve sent maybe 3 or 4 letters.

    I got ONE response and it only included the allergy info, not the rest.

    My main thing is… I want to know how the wrap compares with the bread. I really liked their flatbread they use in their wraps, but is it really bad for me when you look at calories and fat? I have no idea!

    I even mentioned in MY letter that even people who count carbs need to know calories as well…. oh well. Maybe if I take one letter and send it every day until I get the response I want 🙂

  5. Hi, Gina – Thanks for posting. I’ve yet to receive any replies from Quizno’s. I wrote again today:

    “Hi, it’s me again. I never received any reply to my e-mail of April 8, posted publically at http://www.gardenwife.com/mt/archives/2005/04/an_open_letter_1.php

    There’s been quite few responses to that post as well as one I did later as follow-up.

    You have a great product; we just want you to be more forthcoming with the nutritional info so your customers may make more informed choices. Subway does this, and as a result, we seek out Subway restaurants when traveling. It would help your business, not hinder it.


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