Quick Recipe: Tuna & Rice

This recipe is for those of you who like chicken or tuna casserole (the type made with cream of mushroom soup), but don’t want to take the time for making an oven-baked casserole. It’s made in the microwave and is a one-dish dinner ready to serve in about 15 minutes.

First, let me say that I prefer Campbell’s – it’s creamy and has a wonderful mild flavor. I also prefer using solid white albacore tuna for its milder flavor – not nearly so fishy as regular tuna. I’ve made this recipe with store brand soup and regular tuna, but it’s just not as good. But when our budget cries for it, I use the cheap stuff!


1 can white albacore tuna
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup white rice
2 cups water
Cheddar cheese, shredded (optional)*
Pepper & Salt

Cook rice: Put rice and water in a 3-quart or larger microwave-safe casserole, covered**. Microwave on high for 10 minutes (cooking time may vary slightly depending on your microwave’s wattage). Add can soup and tuna, mix well. Salt and pepper to taste. Heat for a couple more minutes in microwave now that everything’s mixed together. If desired, sprinkle cheese on top and mix in to melt.


1 cup rice: 660 cal/1g fat
1 can soup: 250 cal/21g fat
1 can Tuna: 150 cal/1.5g fat
TOTAL: 1060 cal/23.5g fat
Divide by how ever many servings you make from this.

*If adding cheese at 1/4 cup serving, add 113 cal/9g fat per serving
** You can cover it with wax paper if you don’t have a lid. Here are more tips on microwaving rice. I cook mine as I wrote above, however.

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  1. I was thinking, “What are you doing cooking rice at 10:00 at night!” Then it dawned on me that your times are much different than ours.

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