Pyramid scheme

There’s a new food pyramid out now. From a design standpoint, it’s cleaner looking than the old version, but I still kind of prefer the old building block idea to the slivers o’ pyramid.

Anyway, its purpose is to serve as a dietary guideline, not display in an art gallery (though I guess you could if you download the PDF version of their new poster).

So the big question remains: Will it change your eating habits?

It’s not going to change my eating habits much, because it pretty much echoes what the American Heart Association has been telling people to do for some time now, and that’s what Howie and I modeled our eating habits from. I still need to get cracking on the exercise component, though.

On other fronts, life’s pretty good. Howie was sent to Indiana overnight on a business trip; I tagged along, while my mother-in-law puppysat for us. The room had a HUGE whirlpool tub, but I was so enamoured by the comfy bed and quiet room, I went to bed early and slept in very late…Never did enjoy a nice, long soak. Aside from taking a quick shower, this is the only time I was in it. What a waste, eh?

We stuck to our healthy eating the whole time we were gone, and are still doing well. What a relief to travel and not find ourselves going crazy with restaurants! We scouted out Subway restaurants along the way and split a fajita dinner at a local Mexican place Tuesday afternoon before heading home. Subway was again our friend on the way home (hear that, Quizno’s? It could have been you!).

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