Putting Out Fires

I sure don’t envy those who have jobs like this Everdry Field Supervisor, Roy, keeping track of jobsites and putting out fires when problems arise. He was as nice as could be, and really listened to us as we went over our concerns. That’s what we really wanted, after all. Without knocking the salespeople from the other location, he let us know that it’s not the first time they’ve come in and promised things which are not normally how this branch does business. The Cleveland market is larger and has more flexibility with cost and service than this smaller Columbus operation. I won’t go into all the details other than to say it puts the local office and crews in a tight spot when outside salespeople offer things their own sales staff will not normally offer.

We think the FS was being honest with us and his answers satisfied us. We learned that (a) we weren’t the only people Kevin promised a visit from Merry Maids and (2) Kevin most certainly did get a commission from the sale. Contrary to his claim, he wasn’t just “out in the area setting appointments”. This came as no shock to us, of course. Man, just thinking about all his smarmy lies just ticks me off. Let’s not go there.

In the end, the FS couldn’t authorize having a cleaning company come out here, but he did offer to extend our service agreement for four years. That means we will not have to begin paying the annual $40 for the service agreement until the fifth year. That service agreement covers any cracks or moisture in the walls or floors, as well as covering the pump.

It’s probably like insurance, something we may or may not ever need to use, but it’s there and it transfers to the new owners should we sell our house. Cash-in-hand would have been more to our liking, but this is okay, too. We understand he is under constraints. Our job had stuff authorized they don’t usually do, such as removing the planter box in front of the house (thanks, Kevin, for that, anyway…that he put in writing, at least).

So, in a nutshell, we feel Everdry’s sales practices are DISPICABLE, but the actual workmen do a good job and the company does try to each an acceptable compromise when expectations are not reached. This is pretty much what we’ve read from others who have dealt with the company. To read more about our dealings with the company, use the search box to the right and look for Everdry.

4 thoughts on “Putting Out Fires

  1. I’m not really sure how this site works, but I would like to inquire about your Everdry work. You said you had some leaking after they completed the job. Did they fix it? I’m in my 3 day grace period… trying to decide if this is worth all the hassel.


  2. Gardenwife

    I wanted to let you know I am up and running. Things are going well for us. People appreciate the truth, without all the games. If you go to goldclipper.com you can see the ad we are running. If any of your readers need some honest advice tell them to email through the link on my page.


  3. Amanda, I just saw your comment when I replied to Steve’s. Don’t sign with them! They’re a rip-off which does nothing but use scare tactics! I’d suggest you check out angieslist.com and check on waterproofing companies in your area (hope you’re in their service area!).

    The work itself was fine, but we could have — and should have — saved *thousands* by going with another company.

    Actually, there wasn’t a leak – when I showed my husband, he said that part of the wall had always been like that. We’ve had considerable rain and snow the years since the work was done, and the precipitation has exited through our sump’s drain as it should. So far, knock on wood, no water problems at all.

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