Puppies on the Web

First brochures, then trade booth displays, and now…

The puppies are on Natura’s website for the company’s new product, Karma Organic dog food, too (click the “Good for the Soul” link in the righthand frame of that link). Those newer readers may look at this past entry to catch up on the story.

I’m so tickled to see our dogs on a company’s website and literature. What a kicker. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Puppies on the Web

  1. My dear, you have a BEAGLE?????

    I am beagle shopping, and you have a beagle among other doggies, and you have given me beagle envy!

    Congrats on your doggie fame. They’re really nice photos!

  2. Well, we *did* have a Beagle. Buddy just refused to be housetrained, despite all efforts and trips to the vet to rule out medical causes. He could stay in the crate with the girls for 9 hours with no accidents, but loved to pee all over the floor — and sometimes even the furniture. We tried everything, just couldn’t take it. Beagles are not easy to housetrain, the vet said…And Buddy was a stray we took in. He was *probably* a stray because of the housetraining issue. He was perfect in every other way, just a sweetheart of a dog! He’s now an outside dog with a nice, big dog run attached to a heated garage. He has another beagle as a companion and can now pee indiscriminantly, eat poo to his heart’s content, and enjoy a fresh egg broken on his kibble every morning. He’s in beagle heaven. 🙂

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