Profundity of a Five-Year-Old

What is it about kids? They can just be rambling, chattering about all sorts of trivial stuff (trivial to most adults, anyway), when suddenly some pearl of wisdom just pops right out. A friend’s daughter and I were talking about assorted things last Friday when she piped up and said, very solemnly,

“I remember my dreams, my feelings, and my friends.”

Woah. The deeper meanings of that simple sentence washed over me and I rushed to type her words into a document so I would not forget them! Do I remember my dreams? Not just the ones I had last night, but the dreams I had as a child? Do I still have aspirations? Do I remember my feelings? Not just the hurt ones, but the marvelous ones which came as surprises along the way? Do I remember others’ feelings to the exclusion of my own sometimes? Do I listen to my gut feelings, those God-given ones that tug us in the right direction? And do I remember my friends, both near and far away? What do I do about it when I do remember them, when they stick in my mind?

No wonder Jesus said we are to come to God as little children.

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