Product warning: Do not use in bed

Every so often, a person comes along who makes the lists of product hazard warnings on things worth it. Take this German fellow, for instance:

Tue Nov 22,11:07 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters)
– A German man drank too much, wet his bed and set fire to his apartment while trying to dry his bedding, police in the western town of Muelheim said Monday.

“He was too drunk to go to the toilet,” said a police spokesman. “The next morning he put a switched-on hairdryer on the bed to dry it and left the apartment.” When the 60-year-old returned, his home and belongings were in flames.

Firemen eventually put out the blaze.

Source: Reuters, viewed at Yahoo News.

One of the warnings on my hairdryer’s label is “Do not use while asleep”. I guess being gone would be another one.

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