Pressing On

Sorry I’ve been so scarce. It’s not that I’m particularly uncommunicative (just ask my family and friends), I’ve just been busy. Since being a homemaker, I’ve led a pretty secluded and laid-back life. But lately…Whew!

Today I went to the 2003 Parade of Homes in Pickerington. WOW, what a beautiful bunch of decorating that was. From what my friend Shawna told me, the homes were more modest this year than in years past, more approachable. They were still 200k-600k, though, not mansions but surely out of our price range!

We noticed that most of the folks who, like us, commented with things like “oh, that’d be hard to keep clean” or “that would get dusty really fast” were obviously not the ones in the market for such homes and decorating. If we were, we’d hire people to clean and dust it all, believe me!

But I still did what I enjoy best and had a great time — I took well over a hundred photographs and took home many decorating ideas. Poor Howie!

My feets is killin’ me, though! I still have to go to music practice tonight for a special praise, prayer and healing celebration our church is having tomorrow night. Once I get there, I’ll be fine. I know this in my head, but at the moment, sitting down here at the desk, all I want to do is kick off my shoes and crawl into bed. I hope everyone keeps to task and things wrap up quickly tonight. My bed awaits me!

Ah well, I’ll live!

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