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This morning at DG, I read a prayer request for a young woman named Carmen. She’s battling breast cancer, but is now in the hospital with blood clots and some other issues. The person who posted the request for this young mother invited people to call a Prayer Pager for Carmen. I’d never heard of such a thing.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Also for those of you with unlimited calling on your cell or home phone, please take the time to call her Prayer Pager.

Here’s the Prayer Pager number for Carmen: 1-334-729-0053 When you call the number you don’t have to leave a message and she doesn’t have to listen or respond to any message. At the sound of the tone you just enter 111# and she just gets a vibration on the pager which we left on her bed. This lets her know that someone is thinking of her and that she is not alone.

Please pass the word, because it doesn’t matter who calls her there is no identification, it just reminds her that someone took time to think of her and is saying a prayer for her.

I called the number, and a message played, “You have reached the Arlen United Methodist Prayer Pager. At the sound of the tone, dial 111# and hang up. Thank you, and God bless”. I did as instructed, and hope Carmen felt encouraged by that prayerful little buzz.

Ever curious (yah, me, what a shocker), I had to look up this Prayer Pager phenomenon. If you Google the term “prayer pager” (in quotes – that will narrow your results to just that specific phrase), you’ll find many references. It looks like a lot of churches across the US are using these pagers as a tool to encourage people. What a neat way of integrating faith and technology. Best yet, the recipient of the pages doesn’t have to talk to the sender, but just receives that gentle reminder that someone, somewhere is thinking of her and praying. I think that’s marvelous.

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