PostBot test #10

Attempting to post a second problem picture, a large one saved at 80%. It let me select it this time, at least. Let’s see if it posts, though.

Update: I’ll be darned…It posted!


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2 thoughts on “PostBot test #10

  1. Dogball!

    So it looks like PostBot is better, but not yet perfect?

    I’ve been posting from Sweden fairly often since I got here without a problem, but I have been using mostly pictures taken with the phone’s camera. A couple have been from my 7 megapixel Canon, and they worked fine too, but you are clearly better than I am at finding images that really test PostBot! The last one you sent me, for example, was 900K, even though it was the same resolution as the images which I take with the built-in camera, and they’re usually 300K.

    Anyway, glad to see it’s working better! If you have any more pictures that cause you problems, please send them my way!

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