PostBot test #5

The multiple pictures seemed to be sailing along as I added the previous test shots to the entry. I also added a large shot I took on Saturday. When I went to add another large shot to the entry, the app Force Closed.

I tried re-opening that draft, but every attempt resulted in a Force Close.

I am going to try the last three test shots which uploaded okay individually.

I save a draft before each upload attempt.




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2 thoughts on “PostBot test #5

  1. Experiencing some technical difficulties. Whatever code it is that plunks my entry body into the right spot in my posts is messed up. The posts are all still there in my installation, they’re just not being called into their places where you can see them. Everything else shows up, just not the posts!

  2. I LOVE your retro-looking bathroom. The tiles in all of your pictures are awesome. They look like blue tile with pink drawers. Cool!

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