Poor little thing has had a snotty nose all afternoon and has become lethargic. I took her to the vet after she threw up. She has a temp of 102.2 and shallow breaths. The vet said her lungs are raspy.

She gave her sub-Q fluids, IV antibiotic and an immunity stimulant (?). If her appetite’s still off tomorrow, I’m to bring her back in. Say a prayer for our sick little pup? Two days ago she was fine! =(

UPDATE 10:00pm – She’s doing better! She ate the food Howie brought her and then gobbled down more. We put water on the girls’ kibble, so she just had a good bit of water, too. Oh, what a relief….She’s perking up some!

Her breathing is still rapid, but her eyes don’t look dull and sick and she isn’t drooling anymore, so her tummy must feel better. Thank God. =)

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