Playing with Paper

I worked at the church today and did the Sunday bulletins. The Risograph machine really wasn’t bad to use, and it made the copies so fast! I only used the black ink drum today, but I can get creative and use the red or green if the mood strikes me.

It’s been so long since I’ve done papery-foldy types of things, though; there is no folding machine, and my speed left something to be desired when it came to folding and stuffing the bulletins with the two inserts we had this week. I ended up being there a couple hours longer than I though I’d be. Thank goodness there were only 150 bulletins to do.

I’ve decided I desperately want an 24″ Fiskars rotary paper cutter…Oh, yeah, aaalrgrrhhh. The church office has one, and one of the wheels you can put on the thing does perforated lines, which we use for a tear-off registration card for visitors. Way cool, that cutter. It also has a wheel which does a fluted, wavy edge.

I have an unhealthy love for office supplies!

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