Well, our beagle had himself another pee-fest this evening. He’s been on a medication to help him better control his bladder, and up until today it seemed to be helping. But today he drank a bunch of water since we put a bowl in the office with us. I neglected to remember the fact that he’d consumed massive quantities of liquid, and failed to adjust the walk schedule. So…

I was treated to pisssquiggles all over the office carpet. I was just beside myself when I stood up from my office chair (currently a recliner) and surveyed the wet pattern on the carpet. You could see the back-and-forth swing in his gait by following the trail. It’s very distinctive.

Ohhhhh, it’s so simple when a female dog pees: one puddle is your general result, maybe a little trail leading up to or away from it. Not so with males, at least this male, darn it.

It led from beneath my desk to the office door, back into the office, and back to the door. You could see the swing in his gait by following the trail. I am trying to laugh, really I am! If it were someone else’s dog and someone else was cleaning up the messes when they happened, I’d chuckle and move on to other things.

Can’t move on, though. Have to rummage around for the enzymatic cleaner* to spray. Have to spritz, spritz, spritz. Saturate. Walk around on it and make sure that stuff really soaks in well. Yep.

I told Howie I want to get rid of the carpet in the office. It’s a big, cheap bound remnant we bought at Rite Rug last year, and it’s just more hassle than it’s worth. I don’t care if the hardwood floor is scratched and maybe even discolored at this point. I’d rather have that than have to deal with dog pee on carpet.

Not that this is a regular thing (anymore). But when it happens, it happens with a real bang. When it rains it pours.

*Nature’s Miracle truly IS a miraculous product. The cat urine formula is especially excellent. It worked great on our mattress…But THAT is another story.

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