Pillow required

Our dogs aren’t spoiled, noooo. Howie’s been out of town on business this week, so the girls have enjoyed sleeping in bed with me each night.

When Howie’s home, the girls sleep on their dog bed at night. They get in bed with us in the morning for a little while, but not while we’re trying to sleep through the night. They get hot beneath the covers and come up to the top to pant, making for restless nights for all of us. But when Howie’s away, it’s nice having my puppies to snuggle with. As you can see, Sarah loves pillows.

5 thoughts on “Pillow required

  1. I am the SAME way– love love love to snuggle with my pups– and they love it, too. Of course, I can’t believe I have grown into a person who lets their dogs onto the bed– but hey, it’s truly one of the sweetest things in life, in my opinion.

  2. Oh, Guido sleeps above Kevin’s head on his pillow every night. He is a lot smaller than your dogs though 😉

  3. Yes, if Emma slept above my head, I’d be sure to have weird dreams! I’d have a wrap-around dog hat on all night. 😀

  4. Cute pix! My dogs are not allowed to sleep in our bed.. but my one of my cat Jewel always sleep with me. She think she’s a dog that follow me around the house!

  5. Cool …. We have two cats that keep us company at night – unless one of them decides to keep Mom company. The dogs have ALWAYS been too big to fit with us though. The last one slept with Marj when I was out of town but this one is probably too big for that. She goes about 70 lbs and really prefers the tile floor at the front door anyway in the summer. Winter would probably be a different story.

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