Picture This

Thanks to a visit from the Pangie Pixie, I was finally motivated (read: coerced, pushed, goaded) to update my photo gallery Wednesday evening. I did put up the pet portraits section April 4, but kept putting off doing the rest. Thanks, Angie!

I really hate how the web is so picky when it comes to being so doggoned case sensitive. I had to rename so many darned picture files because they had a jpg extension instead of JPG. But now I know.

On the flipside, I really love two little programs which made my life much simpler today: Web Album Generator and Picture-Shark. The gallery creator automates photo gallery creation in an incredibly simple way, even resizing them and making thumbnails for you. That done, I ran my finished full-size images through Picture-Shark, which automates the watermarking of batches of photos. I did edit the main index page of each gallery in Frontpage, just to simplify adding my navigational links.

Gosh, I love technology!

P.S. If anyone can show me how to make my column widths so someone viewing my page at 800×600 doesn’t have to scroll horizontally to see everything on this blog, please let me know!

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