Pick A Winner and Take Me To DQ

Joanie’s nose-picker story reminds me of a story a friend told me once. He was out driving his car on the freeway and glanced over at the driver of the car next to him as he passed it. That car’s driver was a pretty lady, who waved at him. Sweet! What she failed to remember was that she had a wad of Kleenex sticking out of her nose. He politely motioned, pointing toward his nose, and she responded by rolling her eyes a little and waving again, in thanks. This whole interchange took place in a few seconds, a marvel in non-verbal communication.

By the way, to view two funny Kleenex TV ads, go here.

The second thing that entry in Joanie’s blog brought to mind was a childhood trip to Dairy Queen with my father. It was a big deal to order for myself, so I marched right up to that counter and very maturely ordered a brassiere burger.

Yeah, as in bra. Over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. Double-slingshot. I couldn’t spell it at that point in my life, but I darned well knew how it was pronounced! I don’t remember much except my father laughing and my thinking “well Brazier sure looks like it ought to be prounounced brassiere”!

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