Persuasive Trees

Fir trees are so hard to please sometimes! It wasn’t enough that I trimmed back their long, droopy branches to clear a nice spot beneath them. As soon as I did that, they complained they were lonely when we spent all our time on the patio instead of near them.

After all, they reasoned, didn’t they provide a lovely shady place for a couple of chairs? They had a point, so we put a couple of adirondack chairs between their trunks. Still, they wanted more. For three years now, they’ve begged us for hammock. We tire of sitting in those chairs before they’re done visiting with us, they say. Wouldn’t we like to be able to stretch out on a soft hammock and be lulled to sleep by the breeze whispering in their branches?

Needy, grudging, persuasive things! Why do they have to be such very intuitive trees? They’re about as bad as the patio; it convinced us to install an iron arbor by its corner and put in a pond next to that.

Anyway, at our trees’ urging, I did some shopping, online and locally. I found that, yes, the Big O, has a great buy on large cotton rope hammocks.

Well, finally, thanks to the generous loan from the parentals, we can finally shut the firs up (for a while at least). We ordered one tonight. Hope it comes soon! The firs already want me to get them a tracking number. Sheesh.

In a nutshell:

THIS + THIS SPOT = Me (if I was a kitten)

5 thoughts on “Persuasive Trees

  1. That hammock does look inviting! But I hope those hooks and eyes they show are stronger than they look! You err.. that kitty…will not look so contented lying on the ground with those trees laughing overhead!

  2. WOW! I’ll be there tomorrow! That is gorgeous!

    (ok slightly scary to have someone who has only commented once, long ago to say “i’ll be there tomorrow”–obviously i won’t really, but it’s VERY lovely, and I WOULD like to come!)

  3. Well, who could say no to those lovely ladies and btw is that what you’re going to be doing all weekend you lazy bun.

  4. Hah! As long as your wear your grubbies and agree to pitch in and weed, you’re more than welcome. 😉 Actually, you can wear an evening gown and heels if that’s your preferred gardening get-up…A’la Donna Reed, LOL!

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