Passions & Poundage

Sometimes a picture captures so much more than just the likenesses of people.

My mom took a photo of Howie me at Dawes Arboretum last Saturday. The three of us were out there taking pictures while dad took a walk; in a candid shot, mom captured us just I came up to Howie and wrapped my arms around him, my camera still in hand.

I especially love it because it shows my two greatest passions in life:

Thanks, mom! I think you have a good eye for photography (and subjects…*snort*). I just cropped, desaturated the color, and added a frame — mom’s the one who gets credit for taking it, though.

I’m also happy to report I lost 1 pound last week and am now at 225 pounds. I have 50 to go before I reach my goal of 175. Howie lost 2 pounds!

PLUS my jeans arrived from today and they fit! They’re size 20-Tall bootcut, stretch jeans. They’re quite long since the style is for girls to wear them dragging the ground, so next time I will definitely be able to get the womens average length. In the meantime, I really hope these shrink in the legs, or I’m going to have to wear heels with ’em…And that just ain’t gonna happen. I want to be fashionable, but I’m not sacrificing comfortable feet!

5 thoughts on “Passions & Poundage

  1. What a wonderful picture! It captured both of you in the moment and displayswhat life is all about. LOVE!

  2. Wow, your mama did a MARVELOUS job! I love the combination of your loves in that picture, but I especially love the mutual joy I see in Howie and you. Love you ALL!

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