Passing thunderstorms

What initially awakened me was Sarah thumping and bumping her way on the hardwood floor, squeezing herself under the bed, hiding from the impending storm. She made her way from Howie’s side of the bed to mine, emerged, and frantically nosed me.

“Okay, get into bed, c’mon.”

She floundered onto the bed and wedged herself in the hollow of my body between me and the edge of the mattress.

Hey, mom, why don’t I express my anal glands a little while I’m here, kinda stink the place up a little?


Then the storm hit.


Torrential rain! Rain coming in every open window, even the front one beneath the eve – rare for us. No one does pyrotechnics like the Lord. And the rain — wow, what a lot of water to see pouring from the sky! I am sure the birdbaths are full after only 5 minutes of rainfall.

Well, before I get too much of a second wind, I think I’d better head to bed. The laptops are unplugged (the first thing I did when I stumbled out of bed), the windows are shut, and the fans are no longer pulling air and water into the house. Kinda stuffy. Close. Can’t seem to get a certain smell out of my nose.

After all the hoopla, it’s quiet once again; I’d best address the stinky dog and get back to sleep, Lord willing…and the creek don’t rise. 😉

4 thoughts on “Passing thunderstorms

  1. Listen, I KNOW about anal glands! I KNOW all too well! A little someone in our house has this same problem. When we go to the vet, I say, “I’d like to have him squeezed.” On the bill it says, “Anal Glands Expressed”. Yea, they were expressed all right!
    They have tried to teach me how to do it myself, but I can’t seem to get the knack of it. You know the smell is bad when the vet is saying, “Here, let me teach YOU how to do it so that YOU KNOW from now on.” They’d rather me do it than have him funk up the room for an hour!

  2. Yeah, it’s loads of fun. I find the second method on that page to work best; in our case, it involves a well-lubricated thumb. And it’s best done in the shower with baby wipes and doggie shampoo within easy reach. Let’s just leave it at that. Glad it’s not a weekly ordeal!

  3. Sorry I’m so behind both on posting and on moderating comments. The amount of spam I get on them is unbelievable. Most is earmarked as junk, but there is still the odd bit that goes into the moderation queue, plus the occasional legitimate comment that finds its way to the junk list and must be retrieved. Bleah!

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