Paper training

We’re tickled with the photo and story the Newark Advocate published in Sunday’s edition (it’ll only be visible online for 7 days, but we’ve saved it locally). A writer for a national magazine contacted Howie via e-mail today, saying they want to do a photo shoot and interview with both of us for the January 2006 issue of their diet magazine. How awesome is that? There’s no pay involved, but we’ll have some nice portraits from it and God is making a way for thousands to be encouraged by what we started out doing just for ourselves and each other. If more people can be inspired, that’s great! And what a motivation to keep going…

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4 thoughts on “Paper training

  1. Thanks for the comments, y’all.

    Wow, that’s goofy…Sex? Wonder if it’s because the sexes are competing in this season. The women and men are on separate teams. It’s supposed to be a family-oriented concept on

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