Our runaway

Emma just finished a big drink of water and is still cooling off. Man, I hate it when she gets loose!

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5 thoughts on “Our runaway

  1. Well…Usually. Maybe once the puppy grows up that’ll suffice. Right now, she’s wont to cry, “I’m borrrrrred!” and run off with something she shouldn’t be chewing. LOL

  2. I have a heart attack any time Nigel looks like he is going to have a chance to bolt. I have been lucky with him, but I sure put a few miles on my sneakers with our last hounds…

  3. I bet! Oh, if we tried to retrieve her on foot, we’d never get her! We’re, how shall I put this, the antithesis of the lithe, lean greyhound physique. The car is our salvation! LOL!

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