Our own Speed Racer

Yesterday afternoon, Emma managed to yank the handle of the Flexi-leash right out of my hand. She realized immediately she was free and took off like a racehorse from the starting gate, dashing between our neighbor’s house and garage and out in front of the houses. I ran after her bellowing in a most unladylike fashion, and did she give a whit? Heck no!

Our own Speed Racer, Emma

She ran along the sidewalk and started heading toward the street just as a car was coming up behind us. I shouted to the driver, “pull over and pretend you’re going to give her a ride! Open your car door!”

Pulling over and opening her door, the woman called to Emma in a high voice. Emma wiggled right over to her, so happy. Thank God!

The woman caught her by the collar and I grabbed a hold of her leash. I told the woman she was truly an angel.

She broke a metal tie-out rope a few weeks back and in the blink of an eye she’s cut through the yards across the street from us and was clear down on the next street down from us. Howie took off on foot, walking in the alley and calling her as he walked. I drove the Jetta down the alley to the next block. By the time I got there. A woman was catching her. She saw Howie and heard him calling, realized he was looking for a dog, and went out front to see if she could see one. Emma had enough of the leash trailing behind her, the woman was able to grab hold and catch her. Another angel.

We really, really need a fenced-in yard. It’s just too easy for Emma to get loose, even when we’re careful. We’d never forgive ourselves if she were to be struck by a car. But we can’t do anything like a fence until we get the debt paid off, and that’s going to be about a year if we stick to the plan. It just can’t come soon enough!

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  1. Yikes! I know how frightening it is when a dog will run like that! And once free they have selective hearing. They choose to not hear you while they choose to hear the call of the wild! I hope you can get that fence soon!

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