Our funniest cat story

Living with cats our whole married life, we have our share of funny stories concerning them. This one, however, takes the cake. I took time to write it out when prompted by a contest by Johnny Cat. The winner gets coupons for ten free bags of cat litter. Here’s my entry:

We were sound asleep in the basement bedroom of our apartment when loud thumps jolted us awake. Our hearts thudding, we crept out of bed to see who the invader was. My husband grabbed some random object to use in self defense.

At the bottom of the steps lay a bag; scattered on the steps we saw various objects in the shadows. Bravely, we proceeded upstairs. The house was eerily silent.

We turned on the light. Upon further investigation, we saw the objects dotting the steps were were small gourds. We examined the plastic bag at the base of the steps and noted telltale bitemarks and small tearsĀ  in the plastic.

The most damning evidence? Our normally friendly cat was mysteriously absent.

We reconstructed the crime. Promise had pulled a bag of newly-purchased smiling-pumpkin-gourdsdecorative gourds off the dining room table, where it thumped to the floor. She then dragged it across the room to the basement landing. Starting down the steps with it, she lost control of the bag and fled when it began its tumble down the steps, scattering those gourds the whole way down.

My husband and I still laugh about that night, more than twelve years later! Promise has been gone for several years, but her legacy lives on.

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