Our Cup Runneth Over

Tomorrow afternoon, my friend Bev is coming over with fresh basil from her garden. My mom is going to be here, too. Together, we will pick the leaves from the stems, talking and laughing. Bev loves gardening, God, dogs and cats, too, so there’s no lack of topics. We’ll rinse the leaves and pat them dry, still talking.

Then, we’ll take the basil and put it to its glorious use: Fresh pesto! The one we’re making has basil leaves, fresh parsley, garlic, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and walnuts. It freezes well, so some will be frozen for later. Some, though, we will be compelled to toss with fresh pasta (I use that term loosely – this house has never seen truly fresh pasta). For your cooking enjoyment, here is the recipe:

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