Our Couch Potato…And Turbospud

Our Emma Ada Riblet is part greyhound, part dalmation, and part who-knows-what. Whatever her genetics, Her Legginess is a fine example of how fun a little spice can be thrown in the traditional recipe. She’s just great fun. Something which always tickles me is seeing how tiny an area she takes up when curled up for sleep, compared to how tall she is once her great, long legs unfold and she is upright once again.

When we first got her, she was a skinny little thing at the dog pound. Riblet was the first name we gave her since she was so ribby. I’d always been partial to the name Emma, though, so that’s what we ended up calling her. The Ada is her Geek Name. Howie took her dog pound number, 141, and assigned the ASCII value to each number: ADA. For the story of how we found each other and fell in love, see my journal at DG.

Just today I ran across a delightful artist, Kim Parkhurst, who does greyhounds and other critters! I found her artwork while browsing eBay, but then zipped over to her site Turbospud and promptly fell in love. Turbospud is such an accurate name for a greyhound; anyone who knows them knows they’re turbo-charged when it comes to running, but they’re also some of the world’s most adept couch potatoes.

Oh, and the No Nude Hounds site linked to at Turbospud is great; I can just see Emma in some of these fancy duds. With her choice of two humans or two other dogs to snuggle up to, I doubt she’d ever need the jammies; those coats are pretty neat, though.

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