3 thoughts on “Ornamental grasses in the lamplight.

  1. Thanks! Not bad for a camera phone shot. Good thing the lamplight was bright and the air was pretty still. 🙂 Now, about LD having three thumbs…This I need to see.

  2. He’s an odd boy. He borrows what he doesn’t have naturally. Of course, sometimes what he borrows becomes cause for concern. J/K He’s just a silly kid with a great sense of humor. He picks up on wordplay easily.

    Come to think of it, Mojo has always been that way, too. When she was only about 4 or 5, she was going over to my mom’s house. We were outside playing with one of those “follow me” eyeball balls and when I told her to make sure she behaved while away, she put the ball on her head and said, “I’ll have Grammy keep an eye on me”.

    My kids are warped. I think it may be my fault. 😛

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