Operation Relocation

I have bittersweet news. We had to take Sophie back to her foster home, for her own good.

Saturday night, when Howie was dozing in bed and I was in the bathroom, Sarah and Emma viciously attacked her. Howie had to hold both dogs back from her! It was awful, and after that she was a shivering little mess, eyes glazed and terrified. It just ripped at our hearts! After a tearful discussion Sunday morning, we decided to call the rescue organization and tell them it isn’t working out. There is no way we could guarantee they wouldn’t attack her again.

It was so unexpected, too. They’d been playing together and sharing our bed and the big crate with no problems. We suspect Sarah had one of her bitchy moments (no pun intended) and Emma did the pack thing and joined on in. Sophie is a very submissive little dog, and they just tore into her as the omega.

Knowing about dogs and their pack mentality doesn’t help when you see your normally loving dogs wanting to tear a little one apart. I actually had to forgive them ~ they were just doing what comes naturally to pack animals, and we can’t personify them.

There is good news, though. She fell asleep on Nancy’s lap in the backseat on the way back to her foster home, and when we got there, she was all waggly when she saw them. I spoke to the foster mom today when she called to let me know how Sophie’s doing, and learned they have decided to keep her. She may go on the road with the lady’s in-laws in their 5th wheel camper, but either way, she’s in the family and loved.

I was a blubbering mess for a good part of Sunday afternoon, but after we dropped her off, I just felt a release. It just felt right, and I knew she was going to be in good hands. And it turns out she’s in the very best. 🙂

And the kitchen is almost done. John should wrap up his part tomorrow morning and I just need to caulk and touch-up the trim now that it’s up.

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2 thoughts on “Operation Relocation

  1. I am so sorry! The good thing is that you were at home when this happened. Imagine if Howie had not been there! Being a first time dog owner it’s hard for me to know what is playful behavior and what is “I don’t like you” behavior. Are their signs to look for? Is it normal for them to latch their teeth on to another dogs teeth?

  2. aw!!! you poor hurting puppy momma! At least the good news is that Sophie has home where she is happy and where she is wanted and loved. I’m just so sorry it couldn’t be at your home 🙁

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