One Surgery, Comin’ Right Up….And Plants Galore

I’ve not heard anything back about the CT-scan. I suppose no news is good news? I should have called the surgeon’s office today and checked, but a friend called and came by unexpectedly and I forgot all about making that call. I guess I’ll have to call tomorrow – either that or be a geek and fax the office tonight asking they call me. Hmmmm…I like that idea better.

A friend from church who had hernia surgery has been dealing with complications. I didn’t know this until I read her e-mail Sunday night. She’s had fluid building up and has had to go to the surgeon’s office multiple times in the last three weeks to have it drained. How awful for her! She may end up in the outpatient surgery clinic the same day as me if she has to have a drain put in. Poor gal.

Oh, me oh my. I wasn’t really nervous about my own impending surgery until today. On the one hand, I want to feel better, and I know this thing isn’t going to just mend on its own, thankyouveddymuch. But I don’t relish surgery and recovery and all that. Yuck-O. I’ve not looked up the procedure online yet; I’m not sure if I want to research this procedure before Wednesday. It’s sometimes easier going into this stuff just a little blind when it’s not a serious operation/condition and when you trust the surgeon, I think. I sure don’t want to see pictures!

One GREAT thing today, though: My friend Bev (a friend I made through the master gardener program) came by at my urging and took home a bunch of perennials. DH and I bought oodles of them in mid-April at an annual 25-cent perennial sale and then didn’t get most of them planted. Next time, we will have the beds prepared before we buy plants or grow any from seed. She walked away a happy lady with lots of new plant babies, and watching her depart, I felt a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. There’s a few left still needing homes, but nothing like there was before. Some of ’em I might pot up into gallon pots where they’ll stay until we can plant them in the fall. It’s just really been bothering me to see all these poor plants in their pots out back. I’d been fairly realistic and potted most of them up into bigger containers so they would have a little relief and room to grow — plus not dry out so quickly — but there they still sat. And when this hot weather hit, I could see it was a lose-lose situation having them drooping there in the heat. Aaaaargh – never again!

Note to self: If you have the beds ready BEFORE getting any plants next season, all you’ll have to do is dig teeeeeny little holes and plant the seedlings right then. You won’t have to worry and watch them languish in pots all over the patio while you see the weeks slip by with no new flowerbeds in sight.

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