One for the Big White

One for the Big White Guy

Monkey See Yes, it’s, serving your gold monkey lamp needs since 2002. A picture which Randall posted in his blog last week reminded me a lot of this monkey, so I thought I’d post him here. This lamp is but one of a bunch of shots I took at Hobby Lobby. Have you ever been in a Hobby Lobby? Wow! I was just blown away by that place, as the staff could see; they saw me excitedly wandering around there with my mom for a full three hours one evening a few weeks ago. It’s some of the best merchandising I’ve ever seen; the colors are coordinated and the collections are displayed in a really eyecatching way. I had to take it all in. I had to take pictures. I was conspicuous, but I didn’t care. The folks there are proud of their store, and they should be!

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