One-armed bandit

Somewhere between tempting the gods of Good Mouse Ergonomics, having the dog whip my wrist backward in a doorframe, and spending three days rooting around in the yard with a trowel, I managed to do a good number on my wrist. When it wasn’t getting any better after five days, I went to the doctor.

He gently prodded, pulled and twisted my hand and wrist, and gave it the label my aunt already had: tendonitis. Now encased in a black wrist brace, my hand is feeling much happier. My errant thumb, a cause of pain and consternation, is immobilized by a splint fashioned from a laid-open an aluminum finger cot secured to my thumb before I slide the wrist brace on over everything.

So far it is working well enough I don’t think I will need to go clear into Columbus to find a wrist brace which includes a thumb spica — something like this. I’d much rather have a neat all-in-one brace like those. With as much work (and play) I do on the computer, it would probably be a good idea to have such a brace handy.

It sounds like I am to keep my right hand pretty much immobile for 2 weeks. The doctor also prescribed Bextra, an anti-inflammatory (thank God our insurance paid all but $21 of the $76 cost of that 25-day supply!). He also suggests soaking my wrist in warm epsom salt water.

In the meantime, I’m being mindful to take care of my left hand and wrist. I can already tell the added use for everyday tasks is effecting it. I’m limiting my computer time since typing one-handed and using the mouse with my left hand kind of puts a damper on things, anyhow!

6 thoughts on “One-armed bandit

  1. I feel so bad for you! You take it easy and make Howie write your posts … not a bad idea huh?!

    By the way, Amazon sells everything! I would have never imagined them having wrist braces!!! Pretty cool 🙂

  2. ~~~OUCH~~~I was going to suggest training your left hand but you already thought of that, the Howie suggestion’s a good one. Rest my dear.

  3. Thanks, Tami & Naomi. 🙂 I’ve already given up on the keyboard tray which slides out…Wrong height, too low. Thus the mouse problem. Back to having my k&m on a desktop.

  4. Kim, I saw a couple of your references to your wrist on DG, but had missed the explanation, so I was anxious to know what had happened. Feel so bad for you – being so limited at the computer AND in the garden is a double whammy. Take care – your presence is sure missed at DG.

  5. How is the wrist today? I hope the brace is helping. Having limits upon our physical activities is such a mental drain. When you are able to function and just do not want to it is fine to take it easy but the minute we are not able to function we think of all the things we realy want to do and can’t. I hope you get better fast!

  6. That is exactly how it is. It’s our inherent contrariness! The wrist is better, I think. I keep catching myself using that hand, and then it does hurt again. It is so hard NOT to use it. :S

    🙂 K

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