Nylabones and a crib mattress: indispensable for our dogs

First off, we love Nylabones because, more importantly, our dogs love Nylabones. Plus, they hold up to some tough chewing. They stand daily abuse, but last months.

Nylabones FTW!

But yesterday, I noticed both Nylabones in our possession look like they have flesh attached to them. Yeah, ewwwwww.

Let me back up a little bit first. Follow me, here. Friends of ours bought a new crib mattress for their American bulldog to use as a dog bed. Well, Crazy (yeah, the bulldog) didn’t like it, so our friends gave it to us. The girls, even the Pointy One with her skinny frame, didn’t want anything to do with it the first night we bedded them down on it.

They whined so pitifully, we let them up in bed with us. We sometimes let them up in bed with us even when they don’t whine pitifully, but we were really tired and it was especially irritating that night. We thought the mattress was a lost cause, so I propped it up along the bedroom wall to get it out of the way.

brindle dog chewing bone

Fast forward a few weeks. We had friends coming over and knew the couch needed to be a people-space, not the dog bed. So, I brought the crib mattress out into the living room and covered it with a fleece Cleveland Indians blanket my husband bought at Jacobs Progressive Field during that freezing, April home opener we went to a few years back.

Miracle of miracles, with a few treats and her toys, I convinced Stella to lie down on the bed. At first, she high stepped on it or just leaped over it rather than walking on it. I think the feel of it is what freaked them out at first. Eventually, with lots of praise, she settled down on it and took a nap. Emma followed suit. It’s a keeper.  As usual around here, we kind of run our household around the dogs. So, we re-arranged the furniture so the mattress took center stage by the picture window.

When it became obvious that the blanket would not stay tucked neatly around and under the mattress when the dogs dug around on it to make a nest, I had the idea to use some old suspenders to hold the blanket in place underneath. Howie fine-tuned the process and the blanket is now tight-fitting and able to withstand the most energetic digging.

Now that I’ve given you the back story, you’ll have a sphere of reference with which you can understand how the Nylabones appear gore-tipped. You thought I forgot about the bones, didn’t you? We haven’t!

Now that they have prime comfy real estate from which to survey their hilltop domain, the dogs spend a lot of time on that mattress and that blanket. They flop down on the bed, prop the bones up between their front paws, and happily chew away. In the process, the fleece fuzzes and sticks to the rough, chewed edges of the bones. They end up looking like this:

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