Nudes with Hats and Guitars

Well, darn it, I’ve already been outbid on an auction for a painting by our very own blogstress Vikki. It’s a cat, too!

I found something else interesting while browsing the Self Represented Artists category, however. The colors are vibrant and the style’s very fluid. Plus, it sure makes for good conversation, and isn’t that what art’s all about? Check out this painting by Rick Mazzaglia.

The painting made me giggle. Noooo, not because of the abstract nudes. I giggled because it made me wonder what on earth the story behind it must be. Lacking that, I must extemporize. Here’s my best crack at it.

Theory 1: There seems to be some sort of bonfire in the middle of the picture. Guitars have been thrown in. I can only assume these females are womens lib advocates who, not caring they were horizontally challenged, threw their bras in a firey moment of solidarity. How liberated they felt! Why not take it a step further? They got carried away, flinging everthing into the fire. Everything except their hats, of course. Why? The hats symbolize their style and carefree wit.

Completely independent of Theory 1, here is Theory 2:

The women, for whatever reason, decided this get-together was clothing optional. Everyone within view opted for none. Now, here’s the mystery: There does not appear to be anyone playing the featured guitars.

There must be spirits playing them, then. As we’ve all seen in popular movies regarding ghosts, the appearance of such a supernatural entity triggers a great drop in temperature. It’s only natural, then to assume the ladies became cold. Being intelligent, well-read women, they realized that a high percentage amount of body heat is lost through the head.

That, friends, is why they’re wearing hats. They’re no dummies, just naked.

If the artist wants to tell us what this painting’s really about, I’m open! But in the meantime, it’s fun to theorize. Feel free to give your take on it, too. In the absence of truth, we’re open to speculation!

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