Northern Exposure

We were thrilled to see the Hallmark Channel had picked up an old favorite of ours, Northern Exposure. NE was some innovative TV, timeless in its character-driven storylines and featuring some awesome prose and poetry in the mix.

We were so excited seeing Hallmark airing the show. We anticipated watching the series in order from its first episode. Well, our disappointment’s almost palpable. For whatever reason, they’re playing episodes out of order. They’re not even from the same seasons within a week! One night it’s an early episode from season 1. Next, skip forward to season 4, when Dr. Fleishman’s gone. Then we’re back to some other season 1 episode.

Their August and September schedule shows in-order episodes began this week, though. Now I’m confused. So, is there hope?

In related news, the Roslyn, WA house used as Marilyn Whirlwind’s home in the series burned down when its despondant renter ignited not only the house, but himself. He’s in the psych ward at a local hospital now.

Maybe he was disappointed by the Hallmark Channel, too.

2 thoughts on “Northern Exposure

  1. OMG’sh- I had the SAME disgruntling experience! I LOVE that show,and it came on cable here a year or so ago. When I realized they weren’t playing the episodes in sequence, I almost broke down and wrote a hate letter to the station. I finally decided it was God’s way of getting me to turn off the TV. 😉

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