Norah Jones sings to her dog

This new release from Norah Jones’ album, The Fall is great! Any dog lover should appreciate it, especially any single dog lovers. Here are the lyrics to her new song, Man Of The Hour:

Man of the Hour

It’s him and me
That’s what he said
But I can’t choose between a vegan and a pothead
So I chose you, because you’re sweet
And you give me lots of loving, and you’ll eat meat

And that’s how you became
My only man of the hour

You’ll never lie and you don’t cheat
And you don’t have anybody tied to your four feet
Do I deserve to be the one?
Who will feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner
And take you to the park at dawn?
Will you be my only man of the hour?

I know you’ll never bring me flowers
Flowers they’ll only die
And though we’ll never take a shower together
I know you’ll never make me cry
You’ll never argue, you don’t even talk
And I like the way you let me lead you
When we go outside and walk
Will you really be, my only man of the hour?
My only man of the hour
My only man of the hour

I love The Fall’s album cover, with the big St. Bernard!

You can listen to the song over at Amazon and, if you like it, buy it for under a buck. Ain’t technology grand?

An aside: Don’t you just love how we can pick and choose what songs we like now instead of having to buy an entire LP? Even when singles were released on CD, cassette or — dare I say it — 45RPM record (now I’m showing my age), you couldn’t always find that one particular song you wanted unless you sprung for the whole album. When I think of the hoops we used to jump through to make a mix tape of songs we liked, I am soooo thankful for the technology today.

2 thoughts on “Norah Jones sings to her dog

  1. I have always enjoyed Norah Jones’ soft, sweet voice. I also enjoy having the ability to buy only one song or an entire CD. I could not find the soundtrack to Grey Gardens anywhere around here. Instead of ordering it and having to pay shipping, Kevin bought it for me from Amazon, downloaded it to his computer, and then burned a CD for me. It is great 🙂

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