Non-scale victories

Due to All Things Womanly, I didn’t lose and weight this week. But I also didn’t gain any, either, so I’m okay with that. To maintain in the midst of the scourge of water retention is great.And I didn’t even have the benefit of Vinnie’s stuff (that is just too weird…And funny!).

Regardless of what the scale tells me, I feel better than I did even two weeks ago, and a pair of shorts which were tight last fall are now comfortable. This was a week of non-scale victories, including more energy and stamina.

Howie got up at 9:30am and headed out to the doctor’s office to weigh himself (he’s down 3 more pounds – way to go, H-Man!). I got up then, too, since I had a bad sinus headache and thought I might be able to feel better by our noon YMCA time if I went ahead and got up. No such luck, though. Howie’s gone swimming solo today. When my sinuses are bad just a whiff of cologne or another strong smell makes it worse; I am in enough pain already and couldn’t fathom what immersing myself in a steamy, heavily chlorinated warm pool would do to me.

I’ve done a little re-arranging in the office, but mostly am catching up on some threads at Daves Garden and recording my latest recipe, a Three-bean & salsa soup. I’ll post it later. It’s posted! 🙂

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