No flushy! Nooo flushy!

No no no! This sign was posted above the toilet paper dispenser in a bathroom at a medical specialty group’s office. This is a well-heeled group practice in a wealthy suburb of Columbus.

I can understand the need to inform women not to flush paper towels or sanitary pads down the toilet. After all, some women just don’t get it that you should follow the same rules in public bathrooms as they do in their own, and that includes not flushing stuff like that down the toilet.

The thing is, this is one heck of a way to ask! For my visitors who are visually impaired, I’ll quote the sign for you, punctuation and emphasis included:

*** NO…..NO…..NO….NO…..NO…..NO…. ***
Please ‘DO NOTflush any feminine
or paper towels down the
commode. Use the proper receptacles
provided for you.

Thank you.

Aside from the improper use of single quotes, along with the stunning overuse of underlines and italics, this note stands out for its heading.  It sounds like they’re talking to  a dog who’s left a puddle on the floor. Wow.  What’s their next move, to drag the offender outside by the scruff of her neck?

I don’t know if the author meant for it to sound that way. I rather think she did. Ouch!

2 thoughts on “No flushy! Nooo flushy!

  1. When I see signs like this, I think they must have had a problem and it must have happened more than once. I don’t believe some girls are taught to properly dispose of pads. I have no idea why anyone would have a paper towel in the stall to begin with unless they were out of toilet paper.

  2. I’m sure they have. I just think, is it so hard to just post a simple notice like, “Please do not flush feminine napkins or paper towels down the commode. Thank you.”?

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