We’re nightowls, no doubt about it. Our bass ackwards hours have prompted us to do various things designed to enlighten others about our schedule.

My hubby works weeknights 5:00pm-1:30am; since I’m a homemaker and we don’t have kids, I’m free to keep the same hours as him.

Despite our attempts to get to sleep within an hour of his getting home, we are up until 4:00am or 5:00am most nights. I’m typically up a little later than him, either reading in bed or puttering around on the computer. That makes us an anomaly in our social circles.

Hubby pads into the bathroom around the crack of Noon, takes the dogs outside for their morning duties, and gives them breakfast. He’s a considerate fella, shutting the dogs out of the bedroom so I’m not trounced when they finish eating. I usually crawl out of bed an hour or so later, unless I’ve been really idiotic and stayed up until daylight. On those days, Howie pops his head in the doorway and gently (honest!) says “Hon, are you going to get up? It’s after two.”


As a couple, it’s hard to have a social life with friends who work. Everything’s backwards from our hours. Weekend activities, like church and other morning events, aren’t really on the slate for us any more (not unless it’s a special occasion and we can get some sleep in the afternoon, getting back into schedule in time for his workweek).

We were attending Sunday morning services, but only when we had to be there — the weeks Howie was signed up to run projection. We were both so tired that we were half asleep during service and walked out not remembering simple points of the sermon. But it got worse: There’s nothing like having the Powerpoint notes stall during the sermon because the poor projectionist has nodded off!

Our church is starting Saturday evening services after the first of the year. I really hope that sparks us to get back into the habit of going.

Even with the inconveniences, we do like these hours! We’re free visit stores in the early afternoon or in the wee hours of the morning — no crowds! The lack of alarm clock is a biggie, too. We’re not early risers, anyway, and forced early rising is the pits to such folk.

We love sleeping until we wake up naturally, and then being able to lounge in our jammies, cuddle with each other and/or the fur-kids, drink coffee, surf the web and watch shows on TechTV, TLC, National Geographic and HGTV.

We’re not Type-A personalities, can you tell?

We don’t have to worry about getting to bed early because the next day’s a work day. So what if it is? We can just sleep a little later than usual. If we do have to be at an appointment in the morning, there’s time for a nap before Howie has to get ready for work.

In the wintertime, especially, we can enjoy sunshine daylight every day; people working day shift are up before dawn and work until after sunset.

So, next time you hit snooze for the fourth time and wish you could just turn the darned alarm off, remember us. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Nightowls

  1. Nighttime is my best time too I believe. On the weekends we stay up until 3 or so. Hubby’s job and the kids going to school makes for some early mornings here though.
    That Saturday evening church sounds great. I wish they would try that here.

  2. I’ll think of you guys the next time our alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and watch the sun rise. Some people would say you’re missing the best part of the day.

  3. During the week I am a slave to 9am-6pm and on the weekends I enjoy your schedule. I love the morning light and birds and air, but I don’t mind sleeping through it! So your dogs are on your schedule too?

  4. Naomi, I can always just stay up a little later and I’ll see the sunrise. 😉

    Kate, the dogs sleep most of the day, anyway, no matter what schedule we keep!

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