New Wheels!

Our friend is pregnant with baby number six and their family’s outgrown their van. They bought bought a 2003 Suburban this week – eight seats! They’re going to have to buy a schoolbus next time they get pregnant! 😉

We love hand-me-downs from friends. They’re selling their van, and we could not pass it up. We’re buying it for the payoff amount (which is well less than its market price is currently).

We’ve secured financing and overnighted the bank’s paperwork to her to sign and have notarized, then overnight back to us. She’s in Cincinnati, and s high as gas prices have been, it’s cheaper and more convenient doing that then it would be driving there and back just to have a few papers signed; we’d still have to go down there this coming weekend to get the vehicle.

If all goes well, the financial end will be taken care of Friday and we’ll drive down on Sunday to pick it up.

It’s sweet, a 1997 GMC Savana conversion van with under 60k miles and only on its second owner. Our friend’s taken really good care of it, too. You’d never guess it has been hauling around five kids and two adults (unless we someone sits down and is jabbed by an errant Barbie arm sticking out of the seat crack or something – it’s five girls our friend has, mind you).

It is burgundy and tan with a grey leather interior. There’s a TV/VCP, along with an AM/FM radio, and both cassette and CD players. There’s plenty of dog room. And there’s plenty of plant/plywood/camping gear/miscellaneous room.

And we’ll finally have a vehicle with A/C again! Thank God this summer was cooler than normal, or we’d have been crispy brown flakes by now.

There are four captain’s chairs and a rear bench seat which electronically folds down into a bed. It will be so nice for camping, and even for long drives when Howie needs to take a break from driving and stretch out to rest his back. We sure could have used it this weekend when a gusty storm had our poor tent blowing sideways around us, forcing us to retreat to our Buick until the storm passed.

Here’s pictures our friend took for us when we said we were interested. She’s both a friend and a motivated seller. What more could we ask for? 😉 Love ya, Chele.

Hey, I even played around with CarFax. It’s the first time we’ve ever used the service (first time I ever had a VIN# handy to use) and it’s really neat! I think I might sign up to be an affiliate, so I wanted to see how it all worked. Pretty darned cool, I must say.

3 thoughts on “New Wheels!

  1. [[ WOW ]] what a deal and no severed Barbie heads hiding under the seats for your furry family to play with….LOL, hey I’ve missed ya, but have been so busy.

  2. I understand being busy! We’re just now starting to feel rested after a long weekend away in Kentucky. We had a great time, but the long drive both ways and poor sleep while there wore us out for a while!

    We get the van to-morrrrrrow. Wooo-hoooo!

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