New weight loss pictures posted

Howie is still the biggest loser in our household, but I’m running a close second. We posted progress pictures of our weight loss journies in the gallery tonight. They were taken July 1, but we’re a little slow getting them posted. Howie’s is called “It’s Shrinkage!”. Yes, fellow Seinfeld fans, the title’s Howie’s homage to poor George.

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7 thoughts on “New weight loss pictures posted

  1. I was wondering if you could please send me a copy of the lending tree commercial…? I would truly appreciate it and be very grateful…

  2. Those pictures are impressive! I love it that you aren’t afraid of putting yourself out there – you and Howie both. You both look terrific!!!

  3. WOW! You both look good. I am so happy for you both! For me, I am still trying.. I know I can do it!


  4. Thanks, you guys! Yes, Tricia, I know you can do it. And the more you feed your body good things, the better you’ll feel. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves.

  5. Oooh… look at you guys! I’ve been instructed to loose weight by my doctor too and at 188 lbs I’m finding getting around a struggle. The past two years has seen my weight increase by 35 lbs. I’ve never been this heavy and now, after seeing your pictures, I need to nip it in the bud NOW. The thing is, it’s winter here and whilst not snowing etc. it’s cool and raining and windy – not the best motivation. But you two might just have helped me in that department. Stick with it and change your lifestyle forever because it really, really is worth it. Well Done!

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