New page: Teshy Goodness John Tesh page

John and lovely Connie

John and lovely Connie

We’re huge fans of John Tesh and are going to see his Alive! Music & Dance concert in Cleveland on October 23. We’re so excited!

We’ve been fans since before he was cool. He is cool, right? Oh well, we’re in our 40’s, so coolness is not so much a criteria for us. Actually, it never was. We like what we like, critics be hanged!

But I digress.

So, my head’s been in the Teshosphere today. In honor of our favorite musician, I decided to do a whole fan page for John Tesh: Teshy Goodness.

On it, I talk about our first exposure to his music, the first (and, until now, only) time we saw him in concert, and some things I admire about him. I’ve also included some links, thrown in my Teshilicious YouTube playlists and put in a nifty Amazon widget where you can listen to his music.


2 thoughts on “New page: Teshy Goodness John Tesh page

  1. Annie Wilkes better step aside cause there’s a new woman in town who can say the line, “I’m your number one fan”!!!

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