New goodness to read: Homemade Grits

I found a new (to me) blog yesterday, Homemade Grits. Lesley and her husband Sam are expecting a baby girl, Matilda. Soon! 🙂  I stumbled upon her blog while doing a search for something I’d seen on CBS Sunday Morning. She has a whole entry about the show and I was drawn right in.  I really enjoy reading her observations about things. I don’t even know her, but I’m excited for her and Sam!

I wish her and her growing family all good things.  When you visit, please click on some of her ads, okay? Let’s just call it a virtual baby shower from me and my merry little band of well-wishers. 🙂

Anyway…Something she wrote about really piqued my interest tonight. In talking about redecorating their home office, she showed a photo of bookshelves arranged in color blocks and linked to the original article about the idea. Wow, did it catch my eye!

Now, it might make it a little hard to find anything, but it would look fabulous, so who cares?

It’s rare that I read the majority of my fiction titles more than once unless I really loved them. And my beautiful assortment of gardening reference books collect dust since it is so much easier to go online for the latest information about any given subject or project. But there they sit, survivors of good-intentioned office purgings.

Maybe if I arranged them by color, I could justify my unwillingness to give them away: “But they’re part of a theme, honey…They’re, uh, they ARE the decor in here!”

Either that or dedicate the worst day of PMS each month to the task of downsizing.

4 thoughts on “New goodness to read: Homemade Grits

  1. You HAVE to stop getting me hooked on new sites! I have reading homework, but I never want to do it thanks to you, my dear 😉

  2. I want a bookcase again! That would be so nice. I have far too many books just hanging out here and there around the house.

    And I clicked ads.

  3. I’m so glad I found this posting. Lesley is one of my greatest friends and I too love her blog. Her writing style gives such a honest portrayal of her personality! And if I could have a quarter for every time she’s referenced CBS Sunday Morning to me….. 🙂

    She’s having Matilda TODAY— so keep checking out her site!

    I’ll keep reading your site! Thanks for the great review of Homemade Grits!

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