New Digs

Just wanted to say a quick howdy and welcome you to my new digs. I’ve switched hosts and there’s been the usual moving-in stuff, plus Mandi’s been working on some nifty new stuff for this blog. Thanks to those of you who e-mailed me when you couldn’t find The Plot. It’s nice to be missed! Thanks, too, Naomi and Tami, who were kind enough to pass along my message that all was well, just moving.

Howie’s blog and weight loss pages are undergoing some renovation, too, so don’t despair at the error page you’ll likely get for a little while. This last week has brought so many new textures (some of them snags) to the fabric of our lives. I look forward to telling you about them – just has to wait until I get my housecleaning done. I know, no fun!

Coming up: Emma, Indiana and wBloggar.

4 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Have you made it home yet or did the snow hold you back? I watched the news and it looks like Ohio got quite a bit!

  2. Yes, we made it back before the storm came through. It was clear and sunny all the way back, and snow didn’t start here in Ohio until after midnight. I think we got around 4″ or so on top of the few we already had on the ground. It wasn’t too bad. Sure is pretty, too.

  3. i missed you i missed you!!!
    though i surmised it was a planned shut down and then read i was right at tami’s and naomi’s both!
    hooray you’re back!!

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