Nerd love: ZXing barcode reader app for G1

HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1

My hubby is a programmer for a direct mail company and deals with barcodes a lot. He’s so happy to have found the barcode reader app for our G1 phones.

Then, he decided he wanted to make some QR codes since the postal service codes and UPC codes weren’t enough! So, found a QR code generator and made a QR code for me.

It’s the geeky thing to do, after all.

He e-mailed it to me…Look familiar? They’re great because they are able to contain more data than the standard barcodes we’ve had for years now. And the cool thing about these barcode reading apps is, they’ll even read them off of a monitor!

So, all I had to do was open the barcode reader app and use the phone’s camera to view the code. The app scanned it and decoded the message. This is note passing in the 21st century! Oh, my gosh we are nerds!

So, was his message the equivalent of sweet nothings whispered in my ear?

Mmmm, depends on how you look at it, I guess! It’s a nod to The Princess Bride, so I guess that’s close enough. Click this image to view it full-size.

Passing notes in the 21st century

Passing notes in the 21st century

As you wish, dear. As you wish.

2 thoughts on “Nerd love: ZXing barcode reader app for G1

  1. I tried it out on my iPhone and it worked well. I had never really seen these until CSI:NY Wednesday night. I had heard of it but was never interested. Now I will have to look around for more things to scan!!

  2. Glad to hear you like the app, and I love The Princess Bride reference (it’s still my favorite movie of all time).

    In the next version, you’ll be able to do something even geekier… share any contact or bookmark on your phone with another Android user. Basically, you’ll pick what you want to share, and it will create a QR Code on the phone. Then your friend can scan it off your screen with their device.

    Bye bye boys, have fun storming the castle!

    ZXing Team

    PS – You can keep up with ZXing on our Google Group:

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